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The Complexities of Pop Up



Over two decades after releasing The Elements of Pop Up, master paper engineers David A. Carter and James Diaz have returned with The Complexities of Pop Up.

This interactive educational book teaches you how to take the basic pop up structures from Elements and add complexity to them through advanced techniques. The Complexities of Pop Up also explores how paper can be engineered to use the rigidity, flexibility and elasticity of paper to achieve spectacular results.

Each copy of The Complexities of Pop Up includes:

  • Over 20 working examples of advanced paper engineering techniques
  • Essays on the qualities and history of paper and traditional vs. laser die cutting,
  • Printed and scored components to quickly and easily build six of the pop ups

The templates for every pop up in Complexities as well as from the original Elements are available to download at David A. Carter’s popupbooks.com website.

We have a limited number of Self Assembly Kits for Complexities available here. The book already comes with pieces to make 6 of the pop ups, these Kits contain all the peices to make all 23 pop ups in the book. These were originally given out as as stretch goal to our patient Kickstarter backers and additional kits are available while supplies last.

ISBN: 978-1-7338751-1-0

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