Publisher & Paper Engineer Rosston Meyer

Poposition Press is an award winning independent press that designs, publishes and distributes art pop up editions in the form of books, cards and prints through collaborations with contemporary visual artists.

Each Poposition Press release is an art collectible – each book always has a special edition released in limited quantities with specialty packaging including slipcases, custom boxes, and more.

As a one man shop, founder Rosston Meyer handles all of the sales, marketing, distribution and production as well as about 90% of the paper engineering you see on this website. Rosston often works with other paper engineers (The Complexities of Pop Up, Dimensional Cannabis, The Keith Haring Pop Up Book) as well, making each project a unique collaborative effort.

Press for Poposition:

Awards for Poposition:

  • DiNKy Awards Best in Colorado 2018
  • Making Vinyl – Best Vinyl Gatefold 2020