Dimensional Cannabis is the world’s first pop up book about cannabis

The latest release from Colorado based Poposition Press is Dimensional Cannabis: The Pop Up Book of Marijuana, a pop up book covering six aspects of the world of cannabis: paraphernalia, anatomy, history, medical use, cultivation and cannabis culture.

With each spread designed by a different paper engineer and illustrated by artist Mike Giant, Dimensional Cannabis is a beautifully designed look into the world of cannabis in three dimensions!

The anatomy spread paper engineered by David A. Carter

Featuring a pop up bong made from clear acetate, a world map full of pop up cannabis history and a giant leaf rising up in the grow room, there’s never been a book like this before!

The pages in Dimensional Cannabis are: Paraphernalia designed by Ray Marshall, The Anatomy of Cannabis designed by David A. Carter, Cannabis History designed by Simon Arizpe, Medical Marijuana designed by Isabel Uria, Cannabis Cultivation designed by Roger Culbertson and Cannabis Culture designed by Kevin Steele. Copy is provided by Leland Rucker, Senior Editor of Sensi Magazine.

The Paraphernalia pop up includes a bong made of clear acetate

Dimensional Cannabis is available to pre-order now in three editions:

The Standard Edition includes the six spread pop up book and comes with a free Dimensional Cannabis enamel pin

The Collector’s Edition includes the book in a gold foil stamped cover with a special foil stamped slipcase bound in green bookcloth. The Collector’s edition also includes two sets of pins, stickers, an art print, custom laser etched joint case and a Good Stuff t-shirt.

The Connoisseur’s Edition includes the book in a gold foil stamped cover with a special laser etched wooden slipcase, pins, stickers, two art prints, two custom cases and a Good Stuff t-shirt.

Pre-order your copy today at https://www.marijuanapopup.com

The cultivation spread paper engineered by Roger Culbertson

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