Sandra Chevrier Cages Pop Up Book


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Every copy of Cages includes a free Woman of 100 Faces Greeting Card and sticker.

The Cages pop up book takes artist Sandra Chevrier’s work into a new dimension with highly detailed laser cut pop up spreads.

Cages includes pop up versions of:

  • La Cage et le Coeur de la Bête’ (The Heart of the Beast)
  • ‘La Cage aux Mille et un Visages’ (A Woman of a Thousand Faces)
  • ‘La Cage et les Lambeaux Rouges Comme le Feu’ (Red Shreds Like Fire)
  • ‘La Cage et le Grondement du Tonnerre’ (The Roar of Thunder)
  • ‘La Cage et la mort de Superman / Dans l’attente de notre sauveur’ (The Death of Superman, Awaiting a Saviour’ from the Post Apocalyptic series)
  • ‘Nous Sommes Uns’ (We Are One)

Book is 9″ W x 11.5″ H  x  1″ D
Each page opens to 11″ x 17″
ISBN 978-0-9977855-7-9


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