The Struwwelpeter and More Morbid Pop-Up Tales



A single volume pop-up book complete with scroll, printable paper craft activities (including coloring book pages, cut and assemble activities and 3D sculptures), and animations based on the Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffman. This is a re-imagining of the original books into the pop up format, including DIY papercraft toys, sculptures and an augmented reality component (scroll down for videos).

Created & self published by Marianne R. Petit

Funded on Kickstarter

About The Struwwelpeter:

In 1845 Heinrich Hoffman created Der Struwwelpeter for his son in response to what he perceived to be a lack of good children’s books. The book became widely popular among children and adults.

The ten stories include: Shockheaded Peter (lack of personal grooming leads to unpopularity); The Story of Cruel Frederick (if you are a bully, someone will bite back); The Story of Little Suck-A-Thumb (if you suck your thumb, the evil tailor will jump through the window and chop it off);  The Story of Augustus Who Would Not Eat His Soup (if you don’t eat what you are given, you will starve to death and die); The Story of the Inky Boys (a tale of racism that has been adapted for this 21st century retelling); The Story of Pauline and the Matches (if you play with fire you will burn to death); The Story of the Man Who Went Out Hunting (if you go out hunting, the animals will fight back); The Story of Fidgety Phillip (if you don’t still at the table, terrible accidents occur); The Story of Johny Head in the Air (if you don’t watch where you are going, accidents  will occur); and The Story of Flying Robert (if you go out in the rain, the wind will pick you up and carry you away forever.)

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