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The Pop Up Art Book


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The second release from Poposition Press, The Pop Up Art Book is a collaborative project that brings together six of the most creative minds from street art, comic books, illustration, and fine art: Angry Woebots, Skinner, kozyndan, Junko Mizuno, Tara McPherson, and Jim Mahfood. One piece of original artwork from each artist has been digitally deconstructed and then reconstructed into a multidimensional pop-up spread in the book.

The Pop Up Art Book contains pop up versions of the following artwork:
Angry Woebots – ‘Howling Masher’
Skinner – ‘Morrigan Lupus’
kozyndan – ‘Drowning Party’
Junko Mizuno – ‘Pancakes’
Tara McPherson – ‘The Water Nebula’
Jim Mahfood – ‘Bubble Gum Gangsters’

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