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Your Adventure Interactive Book



YOUR ADVENTURE is a non-electronic interactive children’s book, in which you as the reader are the main character.

You travel with a small magnetic avatar over the red road across the pages. At every fork in the road you choose which way to go. Through your choices you determine the story line.

In YOUR ADVENTURE you are the hero, a brave knight on a mission to bring back the king’s treasure, that was stolen by a dragon. If you manage to bring the gold back to the king, he will make you heir to the throne. But first, you’ll have to face a lot of challenges. Along the way you come across houses, caves and castles, that you can enter by lifting the magnetic flap. Inside you will find hints, receive invisible powers and collect tokens, that are needed later on in YOUR ADVENTURE.

The book includes eight interactive spreads and comes in a beautiful slipcase.

Also included are one spare set of knight figure and extra magnetic tokens.

YOUR ADVENTURE measures approximately 8″ x 11″ x 1.25″ and weighs 3 lbs.

About the creator

Your Adventure was self published by Rianne van Duin, a freelance designer and illustrator from the Netherlands. Van Duin is fascinated by the charm and endless possibilities of paper and the magical world between 2D and 3D.

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Rianne took master classes with, among others, Philippe UG and Paul Johnson to specialize in pop-up design and paper engineering. Since then she has worked on very diverse projects from interactive children’s books to life-size pop-up theater sets.

See www.riannevanduin.nl (in Dutch) or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Out of stock