Dimensional Cannabis: The Pop Up Book of Marijuana

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The world’s first pop up book about cannabis! Dimensional Cannabis is a pop up book covering various aspects of cannabis culture. Produced and published by Poposition Press, the book is illustrated by Mike Giant with art direction, color and typography by Kevin Steele.

The standard edition of Dimensional Cannabis includes:

  • The book with six beautifully engineered and illustrated pop up spreads
  • 2″ The Good Stuff Dimensional Cannabis pin
  • Two special editions are also available: Collector’s Edition & Connoisseur Edition

The pages in Dimensional Cannabis are:

  • Paraphernalia designed by Ray Marshall
  • Anatomy of Cannabis designed by David A. Carter
  • Cannabis History designed by Simon Arizpe
  • Medical Marijuana designed by Isabel Uria
  • Cannabis Cultivation designed by Roger Culbertson
  • Cannabis Culture designed by Kevin Steele

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